Train waver

Here’s me on the train again. That’s not the most comfortable car they have – a bit chilly in the winter, if you ask me. Part of my famous Train series.

Thanks to Loyal Reader Number Three for his interesting comment to yesterday’s post. The Two-Da-Loo. I think I’ll . . . umm . . . pass on that.

Fine day. A little rain, a little sunshine, a little work, a little eating, a little commuting, and a little blogging. Not much else.

Today’s strange news item: you can see why this woman couldn’t buckle her seatbelt. I’m not sure the article contains any bad news, though. Other than her injuries, of course.

Today’s useful news item: I wonder how much energy we could get out of Loyal Pet Number Two. Slithering for nanowatts, we could call it.

Speaking of which, Loyal Reader Number Four reports that Loyal Reader Number Five wonders whether we should reshuffle Loyal Pet numbers in the wake of Loyal Pet Number One’s untimely passing. I’m not ready for that yet. Check back later. For now, LPN1 is The Late LPN1.

See you tomorrow.

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