Grocery store

Here’s the grocery store in Baikonur. Fortunately, it never rains. It does snow, though. And it gets real cold.

Can you tell I’m running short of Great Art, Loyal Readers?

Another rainy/sunny day here in Lardville, though. Highs were only about 50 degrees, which is a little cool for this time of year, but I really can’t complain. There’s some snow visible at the top of the mountains near work, but many trees around Sunnyvale are also in full blossom. Spring appears to have come a tiny bit early this year.

Got out of the office an hour earlier than expected. That’s a Real Good Thing, since we have a Stake Adult Pizza Party tonight at 7:00, giving me a whole hour and a half at home. That’s luxurious.

Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve are going to spend the weekend with us. LRN6 is hoping to detail his truck. I hope it’s possible, given the predicted rain situation. The bright hope is that they’re predicting clear weather on Saturday afternoon. I guess he could work on it in the garage no matter how bad the weather is. It’ll just get dirty a little faster.

I enjoyed reviewing Loyal Reader Number One’s pictures from his latest mine exploration trip. Finally got to see them last night. I’m hoping to get his permission to use a few of them here. How about it, LRN1?

We got a cable TV bill last night. We’re paying those thieves a hundred bucks a month just for the television part now. I think that’s up about 70 percent in two years. Even if it’s not quite that much, it’s WAY more than I’m willing to pay. I need to get serious about computer/internet/netflix solutions right away. I’m looking right now for a remote control to use instead of a keyboard/mouse. Any ideas, Loyal Readers?

I also need a video card that can connect to my old tube TVs with either RCA connectors or good old fashioned coax cable. There must be something cheap but good out there.

Time for the traditional Morrowlife weekend preview. Let’s see . . . I need to prepare a Sacrament Meeting talk for Sunday. Topic: home storage. It’s kind of a tough topic this week, but I’ll come up with something. Maybe even something good – we’ll see. I also need to get an appointment to meet with an Elders Quorum presidency and make a whole bunch of YW camp phone calls. Probably need to look at the pool and pond filters too. I’m sure I could find something to do to one or more of the cars in case the opportunity presents itself. And who knows what’s on Loyal Reader Number Four’s mind? And of course there’s always jacuzzification.

Plus, Saturday is Valentine’s Day, dontcha know.

Today’s toilet news: This just seems like a bad idea. I mean, what if they just decide not to buy any?

See you Monday.

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