Here’s Loyal Reader Number One with a mine winch. Picture courtesy of LRN1 and taken just before he descended into the bowels of the earth. Part of my famous Machinery series. More mine pictures to come.

Pretty good weekend. Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve were here, as discussed on Friday. I was incredibly busy on Sunday. As usual. Enjoyed the day and the weekend, although we did have a lot of rain.

Stayed home sick from work today. The Loyal Readers were still here, since it was a federal holiday. We had a nice day home together, in spite of my coming-and-going splitting headache. I’m hoping to be feeling better by tomorrow morning.

More rain today. We’ve been needing it. It’s supposed to rain practically every day for the next week, and who know how much more after that? Things are really greening up, and it’s not even spring yet.

LRN5, LRN6, and LRN12 gave me their desktop computer, which they didn’t want anymore. I helped LRN6 get all his software set up on his laptop – mostly iTunes, to be exact, but I also get it completely updated and all that stuff. It seems to be working fine now.

The new machine’s hard disk was pretty gunked up, but it’s a nice computer, if a little old. It runs at about 2.6 GHz, but is fairly crippled by only having 256 MB of memory. That can be remedied, though, although none of the memory I have around the house is of the kind it needs. Soon. Anyway. I uninstalled a bunch of stuff and got it at least functional, but it was still pretty slow. I decided to reinstall Windows, which I did. Then I found out I didn’t have any of the Dell drivers. Oops. No audio, minimal video, no network, et cetera. LRN5 promised to look for an installation disk, if such a thing exists. In the meantime, though, I got onto the Dell website, searched hard, and found the drivers. Got ’em installed and it’s working great! It’s installing updates right now. Service Pack 2, to be exact.

Don’t panic about the disk, LRN5. In fact, never mind. Although I’ll gladly take anything you do end up finding – might have something useful on it.

Nothing much else new today. My day was pretty much spent working on computers and playing with LRN12. Both of which I enjoy. I really hoped to do some High Council work, but you can’t have everything. Real Soon Now.

Today’s toilet news: They’re getting expensive.

It’s almost midnight and I need to get to bed. See you tomorrow.

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