Here’s Loyal Reader Number One being cool back in Philly.

The first time I tried uploading that file I didn’t notice it was a .tif, rather than my usual .jpg, and I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t transfer. Turns out it was just too darned big. Every once in a while I save my pictures in the lossless TIFF format. It’s probably a good idea and it keeps the picture quality as high as possible (my camera can’t save in RAW format, sadly), but it seems to take forever to save a picture to disk after I shoot it, and it certainly uses up a lot more disk space when I copy to my computer. I may start doing it anyway. JPEG’s problem, they tell me, is that the image quality degrades every time you save it, since it compresses each and every time. I don’t know if that’s true, but it probably wouldn’t do me much hard to save in TIFF more often, just in case. Disk space is cheap, and I can always save old images onto CD-ROMs if necessary. But I need to remember to convert to JPEG in Gimp before I upload to my blog and/or Flickr. Neither place will accept a huge TIFF file.

I read a little bit today about WordPress, which is a pretty cool open-source blogging tool. I’m thinking of installing it on the Computer on a Dime sometime soon to see if it will work as a replacement for Blogger, which is pushing an “upgrade” version that is causing trouble for a lot of people. It might be time to migrate to a solution I host myself (on my ISP, that is – would that I could legally host the whole website and email server on my own Linux box – dratted Comcast!). The first step is to get a test installation working on my own network, and then we’ll see about moving it to the web server.

I’ve been installing a lot of web tools on the CoaD lately, and they all work great. It turns out to not be too hard to get a webserver and all of the associated trendy tools up and running. I haven’t tried setting up mailserver yet, but I’ll bet it’s equally easy. I’ll have to try that over the weekend too. The tough part, of course, is getting the security right. There’s plenty of internet help available, but you really have to stay on top of it.

No more content today. I got up, showered, dressed, went to work, worked, came home, changed, ate dinner, checked my email, picked up the missionaries from the church where they had two flat tires, got some audio clips ready for LRN4’s seminary lesson tomorrow, got gas in my car, and it’s now 10:19 PM and time for beddy-bye. I’ll definitely have some content tomorrow, though. Water will be in the pool.

See you then.

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