Piano guy

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two playing the piano in the Old House Museum in Ogallala. As I think I mentioned before, that was a different kind of museum. They let you play the antique piano and pump organ, just to name two examples.

The pool people came and went and did their thing and there’s now a hose filling up the pool. I must have just missed them, since there were only a few gallons of water in there when I got home. It looks great. We can find all kinds of defects, of course, but it looks great anyway. It’s supposed to be full by tomorrow sometime. We can hardly wait.

Time for me to go pick up the missionaries. They have a Very Special Message for us. See you in a bit.

I’m back. The missionaries have come and gone. Their message was Very Special. Loyal Reader Number Four made some of her delicious peanut butter hot fudge sauce, which we had with ice cream and bananas. Yum.

The pool is even fuller now. It hasn’t covered the entire bottom yet, but it’s getting there. I think we have no reason to fear it overflowing during the night, though. Sometime tomorrow. I’ve already been in the water, if you count taking off my socks, hiking my pant legs up a little, and wading in to just above my ankles. I just had to be the first.

Tried to listen to Leo Laporte’s Futures in Biotech podcast for the first time this afternoon on the way home. I tried the first three or four editions. Sadly, it’s a non-starter. It’s an unfortunate combination of too “inside baseball” and too boring. As with most of his other podcasts, they interview a leading figure in the industry. Unfortunately, it turns out that leading biotech industry figures are a dry lot. I doubt Leo will keep it alive for long. Or maybe he’ll find a way to make it interesting. I hope so, because it is truly a fascinating industry that ought to make for some really interesting discussions. The other thing handicapping the podcast is that Leo is teamed up with a young biotech industry insider who is from outside the entertainment industry. Way outside. He can’t ask a simple question without tripping all over his tongue. He can’t complete an intelligible sentence. He’s not cut out for radio, which is essentially what podcasting is. Of course, it might be an acquired skill. Or maybe not. Anyway, you can sense that Leo himself is bored with the whole thing and can tell it’s not making for compelling and informative entertainment. Too bad.

I downloaded the new version of iTunes last night but didn’t get to play with it at all. Loyal Reader Number One did, though, and he says it’s the neatest thing ever. You can finally copy music from your iPod back to your computer, for one thing. There are now movies for sale. Granted, they’re just Disney movies so far, but it’s a start and Disney has some pretty good stuff in its catalog. I wouldn’t ever pay the price they’re asking, but I wouldn’t pay the price they’ve been asking for TV shows for months now, and they’ve been pretty successful with those. They have iPod game downloads too, for which I wouldn’t pay their asking price either. I’m so cheap.

Still haven’t done anything with WordPress, short of printing the installation guide. That’s a start. I’m hoping for something to happen over the weekend.

Loyal Reader Number Four just found out that her uncle Cecil passed away earlier today. We’re very sad about it. He was a happy, kind man and will be sorely missed. We’re finding out about funeral arrangements soon. I hope LRN4 can go.

I’m even sleepier than yesterday, so that’s it for now. See you tomorrow.

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