Here’s a hitherto-unrecognized pair of twins. The resemblance is amazing.

First, a small disclosure. Thursday was such a busy day I never got the chance to post. Thanks to the magic of Blogger I’m back-dating this so nobody will ever know the difference. Thanks to my loyal readers for their patience.

So what kept me so busy all day? For starters, I actually left work half an hour early to go to the Lockheed Martin Macintosh User’s Group. They have a meeting on campus every month and I wanted to check it out. Sadly, the jury is still out. It turns out the overwhelming majority of members have been retired for many years – or at least have been eligible for retirement for many years – and the level of discussion was at a somewhat elementary depth. On the upside, they showed a fairly interesting training DVD on iMovie. While much of the training was pretty elementary too, I did pick up a couple of pointers (and the most elementary parts made for a very good nap for me and several other meeting-goers). They had some door prizes, most of which I would have been very happy to win. On the upside, I did get an Apple User Group pen, which they said they give to all new members. So I can’t decide whether to pay the ten bucks a month to get their newsletter, which they say runs to about fifty pages a month. Decisions, decisions.

The LMMUG lasted until about 6:00, after which I drove directly to Stockton for a church meeting. They had a general authority giving some leadership training. Unfortunately, I didn’t get there until 8:00, so the only speaker I heard was the GA. His talk was really good, though, and I’m glad I went. Went home after that, had some dinner, and went to bed.

I also had a look at the pool. It’s full now and looks pretty cool. At least it looks cool at night – the pumps still aren’t going and they tell me there’s a lot of crud floating on the surface. Nobody has gotten in yet, although Loyal Reader Number Two did stick his head in and most of the rest of us have waded a little bit. We thought the Pool People would be over sometime during the day to get the pumps started up, but no. Friday, hopefully. I’m working on getting Pool Training on Saturday, but still don’t have confirmation. They want to come do the training during the week, but I told them I’m not taking a vacation day for that. We need to bring them a bottle of pool water for chemical analysis on Saturday and spend our gift certificates for chemicals and patio furniture. Busy, busy, busy.

Other than that, Saturday looks pretty open right now. I need to make some home teaching visits to the people who would probably just as soon not see me. Need to let them make that decision, though. Maybe they’ll all turn out to welcome us with open arms. There’s also a lot of other Ward Mission Leader work that hasn’t gotten done yet this week.

It’s time to get to work on the back yard now that the pool is in. Saturday is my only realistic opportunity to do anything there, so I need to put in a significant effort. We’re still struggling with how it ought to look, but there are many things we can do until then – flatten the dirt back out, get the deck drains hooked up, etc. I think we’re pretty close to at least a basic decision on the overall theme and can start getting ready to at least put in the lawn soon. We need to do that – there’s a lot of dust out there.

I’ve also decided that weekends would be the perfect time to work on the HRVA website. Morrowlife on Monday through Friday and the HRVA on weekends. I’m planning to work a little on the lantern rebuilding project this weekend and research and write an article on the famous old Ford-Edison-Firestone camping trips.

Time to move along. See you tomorrow.

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