Sick reader

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One. He’s a little sick today, so I thought I’d let him demonstrate exactly how he feels.

It’s Friday afternoon and the living is easy. Went to work on time and stayed a little late, making up for the day I came in a little late and went home on time. I rode the train for the first time this week and had a pleasant trip. Still no internet connectivity, but no traffic either. My emails had built up during the week to the point that I had 79 unopened messages. Got through all of them on the way in. And now I’m doing a little writing on the way home, after which I plan to read some of the very strange guide to Ruby I downloaded the other day.

The Pool People came today and got the pumps going. Loyal Reader Number One has been playing with some of the controls. He knows how to turn the waterfall and lights on and off and make the spa do its thing. Apparently, there was a pretty big dust storm yesterday afternoon and it left a lot of dirt in the pool, so it was a good thing to start filtering the water. We’ll see if it can clean it up all the way. They left us the creepy-crawly vacuum, but we can’t use it for a week so it won’t mar the plaster while it’s curing. No problem.

Productive day at work today. We’re getting ready for a major presentation next week, and I think I have all my inputs finished. I found out this morning about a couple of backup charts I needed to make. Knocked them out in the early afternoon. Did a bunch of other generic things and completed all the A items on my list and even got to one of the B’s. Not bad.

I instant-messaged with Andy, one of my former colleagues this afternoon. He got out of our commercial operations a month or so ago and is now in the building next door to mine. We’re going to get together for lunch on Tuesday.

There were no links yesterday. Sorry about that. As I mentioned in that post, I cheated just a little and actually wrote it this morning. I posted during a quick break at work but had no time to put links together. I’ll make up for that by including plenty of links today. As soon as they get the internet working on the train again (grrrrr), I’ll be able to do the whole thing during the trip. Happy days to come.

Loyal Reader Number Four and I are going to a Root Beer Social this evening. It starts at 7:30 and we can’t be there until about 8:00, but that’s fine. We’re looking forward to getting to know some people in my High Priest group a little better.

Time to hit the Ruby book. Have a great weekend and look for an update to the HRVA by Sunday night.

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