Here’s another one of those train engines at Baikonur. Nice whitewalls. Well, yellowwalls, anyway.

Greetings from the train. There’s big trouble here tonight. Apparently, the train ahead of us hit someone or something on the tracks – they’ve been quite vague about exactly what happened. We’re probably at least an hour behind schedule, and we’re probably about halfway there. Sigh. Well, at least I can console myself with the knowledge that the earlier train is fully an hour later than us, since we just attached ourselves to it. Double sigh.

No post on Friday. I went to Loyal Reader Number Two’s organ concert that evening and I just never got around to posting. Sorry about that, Anon. I’ll try to get a good five posts in this week. Well, maybe not good posts, but five posts anyway.

Went to the doctor’s office Friday afternoon. He said my blood pressure is better than I thought it was and suggested I take an antihistamine for my excessive allergy problems. I’ve been taking them for four days now and seem somewhat improved. Hope reigns.

It was General Conference weekend, so very little else happened around our house. We managed to wash a couple of cars between sessions on Saturday and, umm, that’s about it. I discovered on Sunday that the pond filter really needs to be cleaned – the spring algae bloom is going great guns and maybe I can ease it off a little with a clean filter. Hope to get to it before the weekend, but I have no idea when.

Speaking of no time, I’ve committed to being at work by 7:00 every morning for the rest of the week. One of my colleagues and I need to get some testing done, and that’s the only time the lab is available. So I’ll be pretty much going home, eating dinner, and going to bed tonight. And then tomorrow is Tuesday-go-to-meeting night. And Thursday is High Priest leadership meeting. And then we’re back to the weekend. So maybe the pond filter won’t get cleaned until Saturday after all.

On the other hand, I’m feeling better!

That’s about it for today. See you tomorrow.

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