This guy creeps me out. And he’s supposed to make you want to go into a restaurant! If that’s what they look like in there, no thank you for that.

I’m back in Trier, and it was a beautiful and sunny day, if just a little bit cold. There’s a possibility of snow later in the week – I hope it doesn’t come on Friday, when I’m driving back to Frankfurt.

I have a BMW 118 this week, which turns out to be a nice little car. It’s about the size of a Volkswagen Golf. Does it drive like a BMW? I don’t know, but it does go and handle very well for the kind of car it is. It will do 220 km/h downhill and cruise at 200 to 205 on a level surface. I enjoyed the two-hour drive over here from the airport.

I’ve been trying to upload today’s picture to the server for quite a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be working at all. I don’t understand the problem, but if there’s no picture today, I’ll revise the site to add it as soon as I can figure it out. In the meantime, you can look at the morrowlife picture gallery. Just click the link over there on the right.

Later – Now I’m having troubles publishing anything at all. I just gets partway through and hangs. I have a trouble report in to Blogger. Can’t figure out what I could be doing wrong, so it must be in their servers (or maybe the Gardenville Software server, I guess).

Well, the computer’s just about out of juice. I’m in the hotel lobby where the wireless connection is, but there’s no power down here. So, I have to log off and go back up to my room to recharge. Have a great rest of the day. See you tomorrow.

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