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This guy is just a little more inviting than yesterday’s, huh? I might actually go into this restaurant (although I haven’t been so inspired yet). Note: my web server is still having problems and I can’t currently post pictures. I’ll go back and modify these posts as soon as it’s fixed. In the meantime, please have a look at the pictures posted on Flickr (as always, the link’s over there on the right) (unless it’s also not working – sheesh). And thanks to Reader Number Two for suggesting I put them there!

Today’s meeting went pretty well, although I think we ended a little early. That’s normally a good thing, but I fear it will mean tomorrow’s session will last well into the night. And I need to get up early on Friday morning to drive to Frankfurt at 220 km/h so I can make my flight to Washington so I can make my flight to Philadelphia so I can drive home at 55 mph so I can be with my family for a few days and finally sleep in my own bed. But I can always sleep on the plane.

There’s not a lot else to report. Had dinner with Russ, Mike, and Paul at the Krokodil restaurant (warning – this is perhaps the lamest link I’ve ever included here, and that’s saying a lot). I’ve eaten there before. I had a huge platter full of meat and French fries. Most of the meat was pretty good. Definitely not the best meal I’ve ever had, but also definitely not the worst.

I’m really tired – jet lag is setting in – so I’m off to bed. ‘Night.

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