Phone booth

Here’s a public telephone I noticed here in Trier the other day. Bright colors, no? I’m not sure what that handle on the right is supposed to be for – maybe you’re supposed to think it’s really a slot machine. I doubt it pays out very well. (NOTE: Picture uploads are still dead. A million curses on Vizaweb! See my Flickr link over there on the right instead.)

Finished our meeting today, right on schedule. I was worried yesterday when we ended for the day at 5:00, but we were finished and out of there at about that same time today! We had our banquet at a fancy restaurant whose name none of us could pronounce, let alone spell, so I won’t be providing a link, for which I am truly sorry to my devoted readers who have come to depend on such things.

I’m driving back to Frankfurt tomorrow morning at a million miles an hour and then flying home (only slightly faster). Can’t wait to get there.

No blog post tomorrow, in all likelihood, due to travel. I’ll try to make up for it with a Very Special Saturday Post. I can hear my Esteemed Readers cheering from here. See you then.

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