Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two a few years back. Wasn’t he cute? Still is. And he’s a highly-decorated Scout, who’s currently working on Star. Make it happen, LRN2! That picture was taken (possibly by Loyal Reader Number Four) with my old camera, which isn’t widely known for its high photographic quality. Still, this picture’s a keeper.

Drove to work today. I was going to attend a Microsoft Excel macro-making presentation at lunchtime, but I got busy and didn’t make it. Instead, I tried creating an actual Excel macro for one of my near-daily repetitive tasks – making a pivot chart from a long list of data. Sadly, even though I recorded it completely properly in two different versions, it doesn’t work right. I’m assuming here that, since the program was simply recording my actions and my actions worked right but the macro doesn’t work, there’s something wrong with how Excel handles pivot tables. In fact, a quick internet search suggests that there are macro bugs in pivot table handling. How unfortunate that my first exposure to Excel macros reveals them to work about as well as the rest of Microsoft’s products. Maybe I can make it work in Excel for Mac! Hold on a minute and we’ll see.

I’m back. It failed on a different line, but came a lot closer. Disappointing. Maybe I’ll have to try it in OpenOffice, but I have to say my hopes are fairly low by now. In fact, I’ll try it some other time. Doing the chart by hand takes five minutes every day, so I’ll just do it by hand. Love those Excel macros.

I have an assignment to get parents of missionaries in the ward to say something uplifting about their sons/daughters in church on Sunday. Easy assignment. I started making phone calls tonight. The trouble is that I’ve only been able to get in touch with the parents of three of the missionaries, and they’ll all be out of town on Sunday. One has promised to send me an audio file from his son and the others are sending portions of letters. The effect won’t be the same, but we’ll have to make it work. The easy assignment has become just a little more difficult.

I’m tired tonight, so that’s it. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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