Jefferson’s view

Following up on Monday’s post, here’s the view from Monticello. Looks pretty impressive to me. They always seemed to build on top of a hill back then. I guess we still do when we have the chance.

Good week at work. I got all my performance appraisals done, which is a bigger job than you might imagine. It was especially tough for me because I’ve only been working with these people for a few months. I wrote some things they’ll all hopefully think are flattering and got it over with.

Installed five replacement blinds this evening. We couldn’t get the originals to work right. It looks now like it might have been a simple matter of pushing an axle further into a gear. All I can say in my own defense is that I tried that and it didn’t work on the day we installed them. Now that the new ones are in, I tried it again on a couple of the old ones and the fix seems to have worked fine this time. Oops.

Lots of things on the list for the weekend. I hope to work on the Taurus to repair the windshield washers and see if I can figure out why the radiator won’t refill itself from the overflow bottle. We could also do a minor repair on the headliner at the far back end. Then we need to install the new ceiling fan in the loft and move the loft’s light into the family room. I also have to prepare a Sunday School lesson and a talk for the third hour on Sunday. I’m sure I’m missing a ton of stuff. Oh yeah, need to get the pool water tested again and clean the filter.

We’re going to an activity called “Pipes and Pizza” tomorrow mid-day. The pipes are organ pipes and the pizza is …umm… pizza. Loyal Reader Number Two’s organ teacher is sponsoring this event and it’ll be held at a church somewhere in Modesto or thereabouts. LRN2 will be performing, so I’m really looking forward to it. Plus the organ is supposed to be really impressive too.

Anyway, the weekend ought to be busy. I’ll try to come up with some kind of update to the HRVA, so keep an eye out. Well, keep both eyes in, but have a look at my other website. See you on Monday.

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