Here are Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Four carefully observing a dangerous situation. Or maybe they’re just waiting to see a crash.

Three hour drive to work this morning, offset by an hour-and-a-half drive home. The Law of Commuting Equalization holds (mostly) true once again. Or what was it I called that law? I need to add search to my blog. Maybe later today.

LRN4 is hosting book group this evening. They read Frankenstein this month. There’s a pretty big group here right now, and from the sounds of things, they all enjoyed the book. I’ve never read that particular one myself, my literary tastes running more to non-fiction, but I’ve heard good things. Besides, I’ve read the Wikipedia entry, which is pretty much the modern equivalent of the Cliffs Notes. Maybe even better. Anyway, I’m sure my Loyal Readers would agree that Frankenstein is perfect for an October book club meeting.

Our new cell phones arrived today. It turns out that, for technical reasons, I couldn’t order new service for Loyal Reader Number Four without getting new phones (and a new 2-year contract, of course) for LRN4 and myself. Sigh. Well, her phone was dying anyway and she had hated it since she got it besides, so maybe her new one will be an improvement. I certainly hope so. I got the free phone for myself, since I plan to switch the new Sim card to my brand-new RAZR as soon as I activate the new service. It had better work, too. If it doesn’t, plan B kicks in: I don’t think it’s too late to return the RAZR to Wal-Mart and get a working one from the dirty rats at AT&T.

There is no cell phone company in America that doesn’t deserve to be rounded up and shot in the foot, in my correct opinion.

The Sable seems fine. Mostly. I think. It has its old pep back and the engine seems smoother and quieter than before. Probably just in my head. The throttle is definitely smoother – it had a hitch in its get-along before that seems to be gone now, perhaps because they removed the intake manifold and rerouted cables and such. The brakes are quiet and seem to stop well. All that’s great. On the downside, it seems to really be following the grooves on the freeway all of a sudden. I’m guessing they overinflated the tires, which will be more than simple to fix if it’s the case. If not, who knows? I’ll figure it out.

Other things await me, so I’m off. See you tomorrow.

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