Artistic pose

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two engaged in some interpretive dance. Wait, don’t tell me. Ummm . . . LRN1 is interpreting an oboe player taking a bow after his second performance at Carnegie Hall and LRN2 is interpreting a giraffe wading in a stream. Nice job, guys!

No post Friday. I forgot. It seemed so much like Saturday that it just slipped my mind. Sorry about that, Loyal Readers. I have no idea how you survived.

Great General Conference over the weekend. I watched all ten hours. I had predicted the new First Presidency member a few weeks ago. It’s nice to see that President Hinckley agreed with my judgment.

I finally took a few minutes on Friday morning to re-replace the front brakes on the Sable. I took off the junky Napa brakes – they grabbed excessively and squeaked like crazy – and put on Autozone ceramic brakes. The whole job took only about half an hour and cost just thirty bucks. While I was out for the test drive, the check engine light came on. Sigh. I took it to the Ford dealer and told them to fix it, change the oil, find the oil leak, and put on two new tires. We got it back today. I’ll see tomorrow how I like their work, and will finally give the brakes a chance to prove they don’t squeal. They discovered the oil leak was in the oil pan gasket, which we paid a exorbitant amount of money to have replaced eleven months ago. We have an appointment on Thursday to have the other shop rework the gasket under warranty. Let’s hope for the best.

Otherwise, I didn’t get much accomplished over the weekend, what with the conference going on several times a day. Loyal Reader Number Four and I went to the stake adult activity on Friday night. It was a murder mystery dinner, and it turns out to have been based on a Book of Mormon story, which was cute. I suggested that they use an Old Testament story for next year’s dinner, but I think that might turn out to be just a bit too violent. Or something.

We had a nice baptism last night – two brothers who are 12 and 13 years old. They seem like really nice boys and are excited to be church members. One of them got his head bonked pretty hard on our unusually small font. That’ll be something to remember.

It was perfect top-down weather again this afternoon, and I took advantage of it. The Miata was basically mandatory, given the location of the Sable. I suppose I could have taken the truck, assuming I could afford the gas.

Weather alert! We’re expecting rain later in the week and snow up in the mountains at any moment. So the convertible is staying in the garage for a few days.

– Later –

Home Evening is over. We played Chinese Checkers. LRN2 was the victorious conqueror, with LRN4 one move behind. I barely squeaked out third, one move ahead of LRN1. Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Six stopped playing before they figured out who was ahead, so I think it would have been a tie.

Time for treat and bed now. See you tomorrow.

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