Historic RV

Here’s a trailer that’s going on the HRVA Real Soon Now. This old wreck veteran survivor is quite a piece of work. It has a great big owner-installed picture window in the back that really sets it apart from most other trailers. I was hoping to find the owner at home and maybe get a tour of the interior but, alas, it was not to be. It will always remain shrouded in mystery.

Cool day today. The wind blew like crazy last night around here, and it was apparently really blowing again today. No wind in my building at work, though. No windows either.

Anyway. It’s supposed to be only about 69 degrees tomorrow here in Lardville, start warming back up on Saturday, and be back in the 80’s by Sunday. I guess we just have to get used to these harsh Fall days.

Loyal Reader Number One decided to return his iPhone and get a less extravagant communication device. Today was the fourteenth day he had it and therefore his last chance to return it with no questions asked. I think he made the right choice. The iPhone is cool but not cool enough for the money they’re charging – certainly too rich for my blood. I like its bling but believe I would quickly tire of it. He can spend about a tenth of the money over the next two years and have a very nice phone with great okay passable service. We’ll probably get him a new phone ordered tomorrow, at which time he’ll box up the high-zoot one and send it packing for a full refund, less a slight restocking fee.

I’m planning on staying home tomorrow – I worked the last two off-Fridays, so I assume it’s my turn to skip. I’m also planning to miss the next off-Friday, so we’ll see how my irresponsibility works out. Woo hoo!

See you tomorrow.

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