Daytime fountain


Here’s the big fountain out in front of the Main Medical building here at the City of Hope.  Check out that fleet of wheelchairs there in the background.  They mean business around here.  Great art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken at the City of Hope in Duarte, California, and part of my famous Statue and Garden series.

Yes, I realize this particular fountain has been featured here before.  That was totally different, though.  That was night, this is day.  They’re as different as … umm … night and day.  Har!

Pretty view, night OR day.  But I still think those parents are taking way too many chances with that poor little kid.  Also, that woman has one leg that’s way shorter than the other.  But it’s still no excuse for child abuse.

Good day today.  I made substantial progress on my app.  Of course, nowhere near enough progress, but it’s moving forward.  I think I have the database architecture figured out and I’ve started implementing it.  I also put in a quick placeholder for the Settings/About view.  Good (but not great) progress.

LRN4 is feeling pretty well today.  We’ve increased the daily quantity of the medication that is supposed to reduce the pain in her feet.  That drug is also pretty famous for making you sleepy.  So she’s sleepy today.  And her feet hurt.  But otherwise, she’s doing great!

We watched one of our favorite movies tonight: [amazon asin=B0001WTWS8&text=My Favorite Wife].  It has Cary Grant, LRN4’s favorite actor of all time, and Irene Dunne, umm . . . an actress I like.  Not to mention Randolph Scott.  [amazon asin=B0001Z4OXS&text=Raaandooolph Scooott]!  Highly recommended.

And there’s nothing else to add today.  So I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: burrito assault!

See you on Monday.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I wish I was making as much progress on the artwork! Can’t wait for my book to arrive.

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