Manhole cover


Here’s a manhole cover.  But it’s a very special manhole cover.  Check out where it’s from.  One of my favorite places!  I think that’s part of my shoe there on the bottom.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive old Minolta-cam, taken in May of 2011 during one of our great visits to Detroit, and part of my famous Vacation series.

Should I have made it part of my famous Machinery series too?  Under normal circumstances, I would, of course.  But I already have another famous series to put it in.  So maybe I won’t.

I had a much nicer camera when I took that picture, by the way.  Don’t remember why I took the old Minolta on that trip.  Must have been because it fit in a shirt pocket.  I really liked that about that camera.  Still have it, in fact.  It had kind of a low pixel count and some dead pixels, but it had a true zoom lens and halfway decent optics.  Not totally decent optics, but halfway.  On the other hand, the exclusive iPhone-cam has a great pixel count and takes pretty good pictures.  But it has no zoom lens.  But it also fits in a pocket and I always have it with me.  So I use it pretty much exclusively these days.

Anyway.  Had another good day.  We visited LRN4’s doctor, which means she also got a blood test done.  The great news is that her red cells, white cells, and platelets were all pretty good today – no blood products needed at all.  None of them are at normal levels yet, of course, but she’s going longer all the time between transfusions.  So it was a great day.  The doc tweaked a couple of medication levels – raised one and lowered another – and pretty much that was it.  She has another chemo treatment on her spine scheduled for a week from tomorrow.  Not a fun thing, but necessary.

No progress on my iOS app so far today, but I’m hoping to get some stuff done tonight.  Planning on a brief consultation with LRN1 to help me clarify my thinking – I need to figure out some architectural issues before I can make much more progress and it will be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

And that’s about it for tonight.  More news on the app tomorrow.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: fire-alarm-triggering cow!

See you tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Manhole cover”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Sure glad I wasn’t in that cargo area!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Going to Greenfield Village tomorrow – will look for your manhole cover!

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