One day


Here’s the button they gave LRN4 during this year’s annual Bone Marrow Transplant Reunion, held on May 10th.  She wasn’t technically in attendance, but I ran over there and had a bite to eat and looked around a bit.  They had t-shirts and buttons for all the survivors there, so I asked them for a shirt and a button for LRN4.  They obliged and marked her number of years as a survivor.  She liked it and it gave me a ton of hope and cheer to think we were on our way to her twenty-year button.  Slightly out-of-kilter Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken in LRN4’s former hospital room at the City of Hope, and part of my famous Event series.

Very short shrift tonight.  I’m using the Wonders of WordPress to backdate this to Wednesday because it’s actually just a little after 1:00 AM on Thursday morning.  I sat down to write this about an hour ago, but the internet was dead (as usual), so I decided to pass the few minutes of waiting time by working on my iOS program.  Really got going and made a breakthrough!  The thing I’ve been working on for about the past four days is done.  Now on to the next huge obstacle, for which I need to come up with not only the code to make it work, but also the theoretical model for it.  It’s going to get interesting tomorrow.

LRN4 has been working on learning Adobe Illustrator and producing a logo for the app.  She has a design degree, after all, so I’ve hired her as the official Business Casual Software chief designer.  For no money, of course.  But she does get to keep half of all the sales.  I’m not sure whether she would be better off just getting paid by the hour, but I haven’t made that an option.

I’ve contracted with LRN2 to produce some XML files for the app, or more likely a single gigantic XML file.  I need to transform data from either an existing PDF file or an HTML file out there on the internets.  That kind of work is right up LRN2’s alley and he’s available right now, so he said he’d do it.  For money, of course.  This is a business expense.

Speaking of LRN2, he had a temp job yesterday that involved manual labor, and plenty of it.  He doesn’t seem to have enjoyed it at all.  Finish college, LRN2!  Really.  But in the meantime, congratulations for getting back into the wage-earning life.  I know you can and will succeed.

Oh, LRN4 had a good day, for all of you LRN4-tracking Loyal Readers.  We went over to the clinic this afternoon for her CT scan, which took only a couple of minutes.  That was pretty much our only excitement for the day.  We need to go out for the mail and one prescription tomorrow in addition to her clinic visit, so it should be a much zestier day.  Although today was also great, at least work-wise.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: flying squid!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Okay, I was imagining 8′ squids flying, not 8″ ones. That seems much more believable.

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