Deck view

Here’s the view from the promenade deck of . . . someplace. I have no idea. But it was nice, I’m sure. We enjoyed walking around the ship on the promenade deck, when it was warm enough. Which was pretty much only when we were in port.

Strange day. I had a dentist appointment at 8:00 this morning for a six-month cleaning. The dentist (a new one for me, but I like him – my old one left to pursue a new specialty – guess I scared her off) checked my teeth and offered to give me eight fillings to help eliminate my extreme sensitivity to hot and cold food. I jumped at the chance. Also paid a bunch of money. Anyway, by the time we were done with eight fillings and my cleaning, it was after 1:00. Next, I went to the doctor’s office to get some blood drawn for my soon-to-be-scheduled physical. By the time I got home, it was way too late to get to work, so I worked a couple of hours from home and called it a day. I was pretty sore, jaw-wise, but I’m fine now. Also plenty sleepy, so this will be a relatively short post.

Spent a little time in the jacuzzi this afternoon. All the resident Loyal Readers were at piano/organ lessons, so I heated the thing up, paused Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and got in. They got home, after which LRN12 wanted to join me, which she did. We had a nice time jacuzzifying.

Swimming is over for us for the season. The pool water is in the 70’s and way too cold to swim in. Maybe LRN2 could handle it at this point, but not me. He’s a cold water fan, apparently.

LRN24 dropped by for dinner and a bit of hanging out with LRN12 this evening. It was nice to see her, as always. Thanks for coming over, LRN24!

And that’s about it for tonight. We have more chilling toilet news: you’re on your own.

See you tomorrow.

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