Lighthouse eagle

Here’s the lighthouse in Ketchikan harbor. Check out the bald eagle on the top there. Part of my famous Bird series.

Welcome to post number eight hundred! That’s a lot of posts. It’s been a long time coming. Made even longer by missing Friday’s post. Many thanks to Anon for noticing. What a great guy. Or gal. Or whatever. Anyway, it was Off Friday and I lost track again. Oops.

Which just made the post-number-800 anticipation that much more exciting for my Loyal Readers, I’m sure.

Anyway. It was a fine General Conference weekend. We saw all the general sessions on TV and LRN2 and I went to the Stake Center for the Saturday evening Priesthood session. All the speakers were great and I enjoyed it all. As usual, Elder Holland’s talk was one of the highlights. Also Elder Oaks’s talk. Plus the rest of them.

Couldn’t get much accomplished in the two-hour breaks between sessions, so there was a lot of relaxation. Which was fine with me. I’m well-known for my ability to relax under almost any circumstances.

Our non-loyal-reading friends the Cooks were with us for the Saturday morning session, lunch, and the Saturday afternoon session. It was fun to have friends over.

LRN5 came over on Saturday evening and stayed until Sunday evening. It was nice to see her and I know LRN12 really enjoyed her visit too. I’m glad she came. We also had LRN24 and LRN26 over briefly on Sunday evening. Also a very welcome visit.

I cleaned the pond filter on Saturday morning. That’s the only work I can remember doing all weekend. Probably because it’s the only work I did.

This wouldn’t be a milestone post without some Very Special News. Behold: Toilet Violence! Fortunately, the victim seems to be doing fine. Let’s try to keep our tempers in check out there.

I’m off to the dentist’s office for a checkup tomorrow morning, followed by a quick blood test at the doctor’s office, in preparation for my upcoming physical. I can hardly wait.

Looking forward to another 800 posts. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    Congrats on you milestone! I'm hoping to read the 1000th post whilst out on my mission.
    My plotting for the weekend progresses nicely. No backpacking trip, regrettably; however, I do plan to go to the Timpanagos Cave National Monument and take a tour with my coworker Jeff. Should be a good time. I'm already looking forward to it.

  2. Andy Morrow Says:

    Make that Timpanogos.

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