Here’s LRN4 and me out for a hike during our most recent campout, which took place at a nice little campground in Santa Clara County. As mentioned before, we enjoyed the place, we enjoyed the company, and we enjoyed the Shakespeare. Also enjoyed the hike pictured here. Great Art courtesy of LRN1. Part of my famous Camping series. That’s me on the left.

Welcome to post number 799! I hope I remember to celebrate tomorrow. If not, we’ll get it out of the way right now: woo hoo! That’s a lot of posts. I’ll be celebrating in style.

The weekend’s here. Plans remain in flux. I need to get the alignment done on LRN4’s car. Also probably need to clean a bunch of pool and pond filters. Also need to spend some time with LRN12.

Speaking of LRN12, thanks for the nice comment, LRN24! It’s great to be remembered, isn’t it?

We have a great opportunity that I’m thinking of taking: free lighthouse! Sure, there are a few strings attached, but how often does an opportunity like that come along? I’m taking it. I always wanted to be a lighthouse keeper. As long as I don’t have to stay up too late.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Hikers”

  1. Shannon Says:

    That will be the day when you celebrate like that! The lighthouse is tempting–but it must be incredibly expensive to maintain or they wouldn't be giving it away.

  2. Andy Morrow Says:

    I have a higher resolution copy of that photo if you want it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Missed Friday's big post.

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