Descending rocket

Here’s the result of last Thursday’s launch.  Looks pretty good, no?  That thing worked exactly as designed – a testament to visionary engineering, good solid construction, and rigorous testing.  Plus a pinch of luck.

Greetings from the train!  It was a beautiful day today, after a rainy, cool weekend.  The neighborhood barbecue was nice and relatively well attended, but it was held in our garage.  It rained, as expected.  Still, we got to know a few people and had a nice time.

No post last Friday.  Got busy with the app.  As usual.  And then I spent most of the rest of the weekend goofing around.  Oh, well.  I’m doing this for fun, you know.

Anyway.  Got released from my calling on Saturday evening.  It was announced on Sunday.  I can’t say I’m disappointed, but there are regrets.  Always are.

Heard from LRN1 on Saturday, as usual.  He sounds good and is working hard and enjoying himself.  He was supposed to have a baptism of a long-time investigator on Sunday.  I’ll be interested to heard how that turned out.

Not much else going on.  Work continues to be quite busy and enjoyable.  Home is uneventful and peaceful.  Check that, I just remembered that LRN12 will be here for the week.  I’m delighted to have her come stay with us for a while, but I think the “uneventful and peaceful” comment will have to be withdrawn.  It’ll be good fun, if maybe a little less sleep than usual.

And that’s about it for today.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: sandwich assault!

See you tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Descending rocket”

  1. Shannon Says:

    More evidence that people need to spend more time in face to face communication and less in electronic communication, I guess!

  2. k8 Says:

    She has been miserable since she’s been home… wailing to go back to your house every. single. day.

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