In keeping with the spirit of last Friday’s post, here’s another one of those strange statues from Monaco. I have more. And I’m not afraid to use them, so don’t cross me.

And by the way, I just checked and discovered that yesterday’s and today’s pictures were actually taken by my friend Doug with his very nice Olympus camera. He just set the file sizes way too small. Sorry for the confusion.

Good weekend, all things considered. I got a few things done, strangely. Saturday, I tore the Sable’s brakes back apart and put anti-squeak goo and high-temperature lubricant on, as discussed previously. They still squeak, but not nearly as badly. I have no idea what else to do other than buy different brake pads. These were Napa’s best, though, so anything else would be a step backwards, at least in theory. Sigh.

I also – dum, dum, de dum! – got the HRVA website up. Have a look! Register if so inclined. Sadly, formerly registered members will once again have to re-register. I really think this will be the last time, though. And tell me what you think about it, especially design-wise. There are all kinds of things I can do, and it’s quite plain now, so ideas are most welcome.

Made a little more progress on the Gardenville website too. It’s fully operational. Now it’s time to start adding content. It’s getting a little hard to maintain all these websites, and I haven’t even started on Spinfo. I don’t even know what its topic will be. Any ideas?

Early Sunday morning, I attended my first Stake mission correlation meeting. Actually, it was the first one to which they’ve invited the Ward Mission Leaders. It was a pretty useful meeting and helped me focus on a few administrative things I need to keep up with. I managed to get our Ward clerk to give me the correct permissions on the ward’s computer on Sunday afternoon, so now I can do what I need to do.

Add three home teaching visits, an hour of jacuzzifying on Saturday evening while Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two had a few friends over to watch Nacho Libre, and that about covers my weekend.

Drove the Sable to work today, but the Miata’s going tomorrow and probably the day after. I really like having the choice. Call me strange, but I find the Sable comfortable, powerful, quiet, and reasonably luxurious. It handles surprisingly well too. I really like driving it. As a contrast, there’s the noisy, windy, great-handling, relatively primitive, cool, fun Miata. Life’s good right now.

And I need to go to bed now. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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