Silver guy

Here’s some Great Art I saw in Monte Carlo a few years back. They were having a Weird Outdoor Sculpture competition, apparently. The substandard photo quality is due to the use of my very first digital camera, which was unmitigated junk. But it was cheap. So that’s something. Look for other Weird Sculptures in future posts

Drove the Miata to work today. It was warm enough on the way home to put the top down, but that had to wait until I was coming into Tracy. It was raining in Sunnyvale. Curses! Found a few little things that need attention, but that’s to be expected.

We went to Loyal Reader Number One’s piano recital in a nice performance theater at Modesto Junior College this evening. It was really nice! There were about twenty-five students, each of whom played one piece. The unique thing was that they were all quite advanced students and each of the pieces was beautiful. It was basically a very pleasant concert. The individual performers weren’t announced, so there was very little non-music time and zero blathering piano teacher time. All in all, a very nice evening. Loyal Reader Number Four likened it to a minor-league ball game. Apt simile.

By the way, the MJC campus was kind of nice. The buildings all seemed old but in good repair, which is the way I like ’em. Except for houses. Unless it’s a mansion, give me a brand new house every time.

Big Saturday plans. Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two are going to the Merit Badge Midway in Tracy and LRN4 is going to a Relief Society luncheon. I’m staying home and reworking the Sable’s brakes. And then I might do a little bit of something on the Miata – perhaps replace the cruise control switch, or maybe replace the driver’s door lock on the Suburban. So many options.

Better head to bed. Watch for updates to Gardenville and maybe even some action on the HRVA this weekend! See you on Monday.

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