It’s here!

In honor of today’s Blessed Arrival of the old vintage Miata, here’s the view from all the other cars on the road. Now that’s Great Art. The car’s just crude enough to feel like an old British roadster, but nice enough to be reliable and pretty cool. There are a few things that need fixing, of course, seeing as how it’s fifteen years old, but it’s in remarkably good condition. And did I mention it’s beautiful?

And that’s about all the news this evening. I worked on the Gardenville website a little bit this afternoon and evening. Got Loyal Reader Number One’s Arduino article playing the movie we made and he made some other updates and corrections. I also noticed that Loyal Reader Number Seven had registered, so I approved the registration and you’re good to go, LRN7! Strangely, the system never notified me you had registered, or I would have approved it right away (of course). I’ll have to figure out why I didn’t get the email. Probably some setting that’s not quite right. Or maybe something else.

The other thing I can’t seem to figure out how to make it do is let me use multiple fonts in a single article – LRN1 wants his code snippets to show up in a non-proportional font, as is the standard in programming textbooks. I’m trying to do it in what we like to call The Right Way, using styles defined in Cascading Style Sheets. I can define the style I want just fine, but I can’t figure out how to tell Drupal to change styles in the middle of an article. My fallback position is to go to the HTML tag, but that’s deprecated, don’t you know. How gauche.

Anyway. Time for bed. See you tomorrow with a report on the first drive to Sunnyvale.

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