Dirty reader

Here’s LRN4 on her Alaskan ATV. She got a bit dirty too. We sure had fun, though. Pretty scenery and a fun ride. At least I thought so, anyway.

Rough, rough ride home tonight. The locomotive broke down in Pleasanton, which turned out not to be pleasant at all. They tried to get it working right, but to no avail, so we had to wait until the train after ours got there, wait some more while they hooked the two trains together, and wait even more while the train went about half as fast as usual. They made us get out of our train at the station and wait out in the hot sun for about half an hour, and then we had to crowd in with the other crowd in their train. Took four hours. Sigh.

But the weekend’s here and nothing can stop my fun. Maybe a little work too. At the very least I have to prepare my Priesthood lesson. And the Suburban is truly filthy.

Speaking of the Suburban, the new brake lines arrived yesterday. Maybe I should take the time to install them. We’ll see.

LRN2’s out at his friend Josh’s house this evening. LRN1’s out eating sushi. And LRN4 is working on a new comforter for our bed. It’s looking real nice.

And we’re just finishing up watching The Trouble with Angels. Hadn’t seen it since I was an uncouth youth. It’s no better now than it was then. The most depressing comedy I’ve ever seen. Not recommended.

We’ll end tonight with some food-related violence. Sort of. Stay away from the fridge.

See you on Monday.

2 Responses to “Dirty reader”

  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    As promised, I did, in fact, post something to my blog tonight! Admittedly, it made no appearance until past midnight. However, I feel justified in calling it "tonight!"
    Luckily, we keep explosives in our fridge, so we should be safe, unlike that woman.

  2. Shannon Says:

    What a flattering picture!

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