ATV guy

Here’s your Blogger (the person, not the oft-broken-but-apparently-working-just-fine-right-now service) during the rest stop on our Alaska ATV adventure. Got a bit dirty.

Another busy but uneventful day. I held an all-hands meeting with my people to talk about our near future. The news wasn’t all that good, but I think people appreciated knowing the program’s status. I’m certainly glad they know now. I think everything will work out fine, but we have some pretty big challenges in front of us.

Uneventful car, train, and car rides on both ends. The trains have been pretty much on time (only late on Massive Meeting Tuesday afternoon, as always, for some reason) and not overly crowded. Ridership is most definitely down since gas got cheaper a year or so ago. They’ve dropped the extra cars they had added to the trains and the crowds are still relatively small.

Not that I like crowds of any size. I’d really prefer a private train car. Hmmm. Must add that to my Christmas list this year.

The weekend is already upon us tomorrow. I need to prepare a Priesthood lesson for this Sunday and a Sacrament Meeting talk for the following week. Both of which I’m doing as a stand-in for other people. Not that I mind. Much.

So let’s have some long-overdue toilet news: Don’t break one, whatever you do.

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  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    Wow. The criminal of the day has some serious issues he needs to work through.
    Speaking of programs ending, after discussing with my coworkers last night, I've come to realize there's a decent chance that my office will no longer even exist by the time I get home from my mission. More to come on my blog. Soon. Today.

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