Life preserver

Here’s some shipboard safety equipment. Fortunately, we never needed it. The strange thing about the safety equipment, though, was that the lifeboat drill was held indoors in the theater, not around any of the actual lifeboats. Apparently, they figure that any disaster will be slow-moving enough that there’s time to take in a show first. Or something like that.

No posts Monday or Tuesday. Monday was a holiday and felt like the weekend. Tuesday was Massive Meeting Tuesday and there simply wasn’t time. Not that anybody cared.

Normal weekend. It was nice to be home for four days, but I didn’t really accomplish anything. Got the brakes changed on the Suburban and it didn’t help. I’ve ordered new stainless steel braided brake lines and this really cool bleeding apparatus. I’m hoping they’ll help at least a little.

Otherwise, went to a picnic and didn’t really do anything else.

Normal days yesterday and today. There’s really nothing to mention.

There is some food violence news, though: a pizza kidnapping. Pretty low.

See you tomorrow. Probably.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Of course we care! In reference to the food violence, see why I prefer to cook the food myself?!

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