Downtown Haines

Here’s yet another shot of beautiful downtown Haines. Not a tourist trap in sight. We really liked that little town. Its background isn’t bad either.

No post yesterday. I don’t remember why, so let’s skip the excuse this time. No complaints from Anon, at least.

Spent the day quietly at home. I replaced the front brakes on the Suburban, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they need to be bled. That will probably happen tomorrow morning. LRN2 has volunteered to help! If that doesn’t work, I’ll call all the money I’ve spent lost and put it in the shop for brakes (along with all its other problems). That’s what I thought I did last time, but the thieves at Midas managed to screw up everything they touched. I discovered too late that they’re under investigation by the state people responsible for investigating such things. Never again.

I also took the Miata and the Honda to the gas station. Also sat in the jacuzzi for a while. Also signed timecards. That’s about the sum total of my accomplishments for the day.

Our dinner and evening with our friends Jim and Kathy was very nice. LRN4 and I really enjoyed ourselves.

We’ll finish tonight with some recent food violence: beef jerky robbery. This is way worse than banana burglary. And to think that a barber – one of America’s trusted hair-care professionals – is responsible. My confidence has been shaken. I may never get another haircut.

See you on Monday.

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  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    Wow. That barber had some issues. So are you adopting the Sampson route? Will you gain super-powers?
    Glad to hear the barbeque with the McClures was nice. I enjoyed my ward social and got to know a few new people who I think I could enjoy spending time with. Plus, a few friends came over and we made brownies and watched TV last night, which was fun.

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