Dos Reis campground

Here’s a look at the campground at Dos Reis. I have no idea who owns that trailer; I just like the Great Art. New pictures of Loyal Reader Number Twelve coming Real Soon Now.

Not much time to write tonight, once again. I stayed quite late at work – absolutely had to get a couple of things finished. They’re done now, and it only took 1:15 to get home. I just finished dinner and it’s just about 9:30 now, so the night’s a-wastin’.

Loyal Reader Number One is trendy, as of this afternoon. He’ll finally start getting the respect he deserves. I, on the other hand, won’t get two-year-ago trendy until Friday or so. Sigh. LRN1’s out at battle-axe lessons right now, so I haven’t seen the Sacred Artifact yet.

As promised yesterday, here’s the weekend report: It was fine. I’m struggling to remember what happened, though. Let’s see . . . the choir performed on Sunday; the song went very well. Now we can really start concentrating on that haunting Thanksgiving song. It was raining on Saturday, so we didn’t do any outside work. Loyal Reader Number Four and I went to the library, and that was about it.

The Pool People came over yesterday and worked on our underwater vacuum yet again. They replaced the reverse gears for the second time in about three months. They’re accusing us of being hard on the vacuum, but the truth is quite the opposite, of course. I think it’s just a piece of junk and now that it’s out of warranty, we’ll have to find a better one somewhere. Those things aren’t cheap, though. Everything around here is falling apart all at once. And it all went out of warranty a month ago. Sigh.

I took the Miata to work this morning with the top up. It was 52 degrees here in Lardville when I left home, and I decided that was just a little cooler than I wanted to deal with. Besides, it’s easier to hear the podcasts with the top up. Put the top down for the trip home, though, and it was perfect open-air motoring weather – probably the low 70’s. The full moon hovered just over the windshield for the eastbound portions of the trip, the freeway moved at full speed, and it was very pleasant. I got home in a more relaxed state than usual.

Have a great evening and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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