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Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve, as promised yesterday. This picture isn’t exactly recent, but she looks pretty much the same. She’s standing on her own now – dancing, in fact. When somebody sings something, she stands up and swivels her hips and really gets into it. Very cute. I’ll have to try to get some video.

Not much writing time again tonight – it was meeting night and it’s already almost 11:00. Sigh.

I got a look at Loyal Reader Number One’s phone late last night. It really is a cool little gadget. I don’t think I need one right now, but I sure like his. Maybe I’ll inherit it when he leaves on his mission. Although I’m sure Loyal Reader Number Two probably has first dibs. If he can afford it.

LRN1 was able to get a prepaid plan from AT&T. He has no credit yet, so he didn’t exactly pass their credit check. This was what we wanted, of course, so he’s not tied in. Good deal.

Another open-air motoring day. It was at least 90 degrees here in Lardville – almost too warm for comfort. I struggled through somehow. I’m still not sure which car I’ll take tomorrow. It might be that two consecutive Miata days are enough. Or maybe not. Aren’t you just on pins and needles, Loyal Readers?

Did I mention that Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve postponed their move date into the new apartment by a week? Well, they did. They’re anxious to get into the new place and we’re delighted that they’ll be living nearby, but we won’t be seeing LRN12 quite as frequently, so we’re also a little bit sad. There’s another week and a half left, though, which we’ll enjoy.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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