Tree hugged readers

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One, Two, and Four being hugged by a tree. Way to turn the tables on nature (link warning: 70’s commercial sound and video), Loyal Readers.

The RAZR’s here! I’m both delighted and disgusted with it. First, the disgusted part. Upon opening the box, I discovered it’s a grey market phone from Singapore. That’s really no problem, though, since at least they speak English there. It’s localized with UK English, but that’s okay too – only a couple of words are different and it’s kind of cute that way. However, the charger is quite another matter altogether! It’s a European charger with an incredibly chintzy (pre-broken!) US adapter that pushes the charger about two inches out from the wall, where it sags and nearly falls out of the socket. Not acceptable. Before just returning the phone, I decided to look online for the proper charger. They had them at Amazon for $1.39 (plus $5.95 shipping!), so I ordered one and decided to be happy. It should get here sometime next week, and I’ve super-glued the stupid adapter for now. If I ever start traveling back to Europe again, I’ll be prepared.

On the good side, the phone is really cool. It looks great, it works right, the camera works, and I already have it nearly set up. I’m still reading the manual, so I don’t quite know everything it will do. Don’t worry, Loyal Readers, I’ll know by tomorrow.

I got a nice leather holster-type case and the cheapest Bluetooth headset I could find with it. The headset works perfectly and the holster is great too. I discovered the phone can transmit pictures and videos to Bluetooth-enabled computers, so I’m going to have to try plugging my $5 Bluetooth USB connection into the Mac – if I can find it. Wait a minute; I’ll check.

– Time passes –

I’m back. I found it and plugged it in. Not only can I transfer photos to Curly, but it also synced my address books and calendars. I can also browse the phone from the computer and transfer files back and forth. Cool. Very cool. I’m kind of sorry I opted not to spend the extra few dollars having Bluetooth installed in Curly at the factory. I just never thought I’d want it.

Now that I have the hip, with-it phone from 2005, I’ll finally start getting the respect I deserve.

I stayed up way too late last night – was still trying to get the stupid Ruby on Rails application working right. It’s almost right, but I can’t get it all the way there. Sometime over the weekend, I’m going to delete everything I’ve done so far and start over. It’s my only hope.

Speaking of the business, Loyal Reader Number Five came up with an interesting product idea this morning. I need to spend some more time talking to her about it and also read the comments the other partners tell me they’ve left. They’re on my work email, so I won’t see them until tomorrow. I think she may have something good there. I’ll tell you about it later.

In the meantime, I need to get some rest. See you tomorrow.

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