Top of the falls

Here’s one more shot of the Loyal Readers hanging around in the river at Clark’s Fork. You can see a little bit of waterfall in this one.

Well, the RAZR works in the real world, so I’m happy. I spent some time with my handy copy of Motorola Phone Tools this evening, creating and uploading several ringtones. I probably won’t use any of them much, with the possible exception of the Chipmunk Christmas song. That’ll be on there in December. My new charger shipped today. I’ve also discovered that the phone charges when it’s plugged into a computer’s USB port. Options!

It was a cloudy, cool day today. I took the Miata to work anyway, expecting the cool morning to turn into a warm, sunny afternoon. Alas, it was not to be. The drives were both comfortable anyway, with the heater on in both directions. Blow a little warm air in the face and the crisp autumn air feels pretty good. I definitely like open-air motoring best in the fall.

Loyal Reader Number Five decided today not to take the job at the accounting firm. She was supposed to start on Monday. They like her so much at the university where she’s temping that she’s decided to stay, on the theory that they’ll hire her permanently Real Soon Now. I think she made the right decision and just hope the permanent job works out. The money’s better and the benefits will be better when she hires in. Plus, they love her there.

I used the Bluetooth headset in the real world a couple of times today, and it’s even better than I expected. My cheapskate unit works just great. Its only weakness is that its LED is green and red, rather than the immensely popular blue. For the price I paid, I can live with that. And now I too can walk around looking like a lunatic talking to myself. No change at all!

Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two have gone on a scout overnighter and waterskiing trip. It’s not going to be as warm tomorrow as they previously predicted (current forecast: 78 and sunny), so I hope they don’t freeze in the water. If they do, it’s been nice knowing them both.

See you on Monday.

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