Double Bailey

Here are two Bailey computers. I have no idea what Bailey computers are. Or, rather, were. Wikipedia doesn’t seem to know either. They sure look businesslike, circa 1980, though. Picture taken this summer at the Henry Ford Museum.

I’m feeling much better today; thanks for asking. Don’t know what brought me down yesterday, but 11 hours of sleep last night took care of it, I guess. Or my recent flu shot. Or my naturally robust constitution. Or Ghost Miners.

Got Office:mac 2008 in the mail today and installed it. First impression: as with the previous version, it’s exactly what the latest Windows-based version (in this case, Office 2007) should have been. Of course, I need some time with it to really get a feel for the changes. The reviewers have been fairly kind, though.

One typical Microsoft annoyance, though – I had just finished installing the bloated (over 1 GB!) software fresh out of the box that arrived directly from Microsoft today and never sat on a retail shelf, and the updater ran and told me I needed to install nearly half a gigabyte of updates. Already. Why can’t they ship the Really Latest Version? Anybody? Anybody? I didn’t think so – they have no excuse.

We certainly do seem to have had commenting problems since I enabled Blogger’s new “inline” feature. Loyal Reader Number Five couldn’t get it to take her name. Nobody could comment on older posts. Et cetera. I’ve written a stern note to Blogger and gone back to the old system. Things appear to be back to normal. And I was so excited about the new system – I was sure it would increase the quantity and the quality of the comments. Sigh.

Not that there was anything wrong with the quality before, of course.

Rainy day in Lardville today, and the local Loyal Readers tell me there was thunder and lightning to go along with it. Trick-or-treating is threatened, although a quick check at tells me the probably of Halloween rain has gone down to 30% and the high temperature prediction has gone up to 72 degrees. So it’s not all bad news.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: Where did this guy come from? And what would you do with him if you could get him? My answers: I think he’s the result of a secret Danish government experiment gone horribly wrong. And I would definitely use him to get on the carpool lane.

Special bonus controversy: Does the picture look photoshopped to you too?

Tomorrow I fix the trailer’s brakes. Unless I get rained out. Wish me luck.

See you then.

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