Ohio gasser

Here’s one of my favorite vintage drag racers – Ohio George’s famous Ohio Gasser. Photographed in the Henry Ford Museum. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Not feeling well this afternoon. It came on me suddenly, so I’m hoping it leaves just as suddenly. Some coworkers have told me about a bug going around – it’s apparently nasty and lasts three very uncomfortable days. I’m hoping that’s not it for me. I’m hoping my stomach is just going through a phase.

Otherwise a fairly normal day. Got up, got ready, commuted, etc. Came home on an earlier train than normal due to the aforementioned discomfort.

Tomorrow’s work schedule is amazingly not meeting-strewn. I’m looking forward to it. Don’t quite know what I’ll do with myself, though.

I take that back. I do know. I have an exceptionally long list of fascinating and incomplete tasks. No problem.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: Did Loyal Reader Number One’s friend capture a Ghost Miner in the picture attached to this post? My answer: Of course. Well, probably. Possibly, anyway. Maybe. I have no idea. Probably not. If it’s not a ghost, though, what is it?

Perfect controversy for two days before Halloween, no?

By the way, can ghosts be photographed? If so, can they choose to make themselves visible to the camera? If so, why would the Ghost Miner have chosen to be in that picture? If they can’t choose, wouldn’t that make ghosts improbably rare? After all, people take a lot of pictures and Ghost Miners very rarely show up. Either way, the possibilities are staggering. At the very least, they trip a little.

Time to contemplate those Deep Thoughts. See you tomorrow.

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