Here’s a bird. Picture taken Summer 2008 at the Detroit Zoo. In a rare twofer, part of both my Statue series and my Bird series.

Today was a great day to be in Northern California. During a telecon this morning, I learned that it was snowing at our old home in Gardenville, Pennsylvania. We had a few clouds yesterday and again today, but the snow has stayed away. In fact, it’s stayed away since we got here. I enjoy some cool weather now and again, but I don’t like commuting in it.

Loyal Reader Number Three is really struggling with the near-term plan. I have lots of ideas, but none of them is probably right for him. Keep praying for him, Loyal Readers.

Busy day at work. I was in meetings the entire day except from noon to 1:00. The meetings were all necessary, but it’s tough to get all the other necessary things done. Fortunately, Tuesdays are usually meetingier than the rest of the week.

There’s good news from Redmond today! The Windows of the Future will be less annoying!

No controversy today. There is absolutely nothing strange going on anywhere in the world. I know. I’ve checked. Maybe tomorrow.

See you then.

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