Edison’s chemicals

Here are a few of the things that Thomas Edison discovered don’t work for making a light bulb. Picture taken this summer at Greenfield Village. Part (barely) of my famous Workbench series.

Happy Monday. Pretty good day for me. I got several things done at work. Also commuted. That pretty much covers it.

The weekend was fine. As reported earlier, Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve were here. LRN6 spent pretty much two entire days working on detailing their Honda. It looks great. Really great.

LRN5 substituted for us on the piano at choir practice on Sunday and also substituted as the soprano while Loyal Reader Number Two was accompanying us on the organ. At which they both did an excellent job.

Personally, I didn’t do any detailing. Took the Suburban for its badly-needed first free car wash. It’s definitely going again this weekend. Possibly on Friday, right before I take it to pick up the trailer for its badly-needed brake job.

The trailer has electric brakes, of course, which I’ve never worked on. I’m fully confident that I can fix them, though. They ought to be at least as easy as hydraulic brakes.

I think I need new solenoids. The brakes are grabbing really badly.

On the medical front, scientists have made an important discovery that may ensure several Loyal Readers a long, happy life. Or maybe it will just seem long. For everybody else, anyway.

I noticed one other article from the front lines of medicine that might have helped Loyal Reader Number One through his recent surgery. If only we had a banjo.

Juggernaut update: $7.76. I made 17 cents today alone.

Anyway. I can’t think of any other weekend highlights right now. And it’s past time for home evening. So I’m quitting.

See you tomorrow.

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