Here’s LRN2 with another cool character on the carousel at Great America. Part of both my famous Statue and Machinery series.

Extreme Short Shrift again tonight. I let it get a little late again. Had to write some emails to ward young men presidents and a few other people. Also spent some time lounging about. Very nice.

I don’t appear to have mentioned my dental checkup yesterday. Can’t imagine how I could have left that out. No cavities! And the hygienist told me I had absolutely no tartar. I’m chalking it up to clean living, a healthy outlook, and the help of my friends. Also my electric toothbrush.

Today was my little baby brother Chris’s 49th birthday. Happy birthday, non-Loyal-Reader brother!

And I’ll leave you with this shocking accidental food violence news: Winnie the Pooh lives!

See you tomorrow.

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