Drill press

Here’s something I’d love to have – a Model T-era drill press. Great Art taken on Christmas Eve at the Sacramento automotive museum and part of both my famous Workbench and Machinery series.

Another Extreme Short Shrift evening. My brother-in-law Ken was here this evening for dinner, which was a treat, as always. He’s heading back for Las Vegas tomorrow morning.

LRN2 went to work with me today, as planned. We didn’t do a whole lot of the activities they had – pretty much just went to meetings and did normal work stuff. The one fun thing we did do was fly an airplane simulator. It was just like Flight Simulator software, but there was a simulated airplane cockpit. LRN2 thought that was cool and so did I.

Otherwise, a normal day. It was fairly sunny again after a couple of rainy days, which was nice. Should be sunny and warm for the next five days or so, after which we’re expecting rain again. It’s been an interesting spring around here – much more frequent rain than we’ve become used to. Can’t complain about it, though.

And I’ll leave you with this surprisingly good food news: chocolate saves!

See you tomorrow.

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