Dream house

Keeping with our Loyal Reader Number Two theme (we miss you!), here he is with Loyal Reader Number One in front of the model of our new house. No, you can’t see much of the house here, but I have more pictures and there’s always tomorrow! So much for Great Art.

Decent day today. Got a call from my brother Chris – apparently he didn’t have our cell phone numbers and couldn’t get my work email address to work. I don’t know what the problem was, but he took the initiative and called some family members. Apparently, neither of my parents knows our cell phone numbers, but my sister Sandy does! It was nice to talk to Chris.

Nothing else to discuss today. Tomorrow’s ostensibly my off Friday, but I’ll still not sure if I’m allowed to work 9/80 in Sunnyvale, so I’m just not asking. I’ll go in for a few hours and then say I need to leave to look at houses. My subtle plan is to just worm myself into 9/80. Very clever.

Did I mention my new drill? I got it at Costco the other day with some money my colleagues in Newtown gave me as an Extravagant Parting Gift. It’s totally cool. I already have a cordless drill, but this is one of those high-powered ones that all my friends have. Now I can really work on things!

See you tomorrow. I’ll let you know how the subtle plan works out.

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