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Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two relaxing at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. I’m not sure you’re allowed to lie on the floor there, but he appears to have suffered no serious consequences. We miss you, LRNT! Find work and fun there in Utah. Your pirate days are over!

There’s not a lot to report tonight, other than that Chateau Pathetique still isn’t sold. We’re getting just a little bit worried. We’re praying for success, though, so we know it’ll work out. I invite my Loyal Readers to join us in our humble petition. And if for some bizarre reason you feel uncomfortable doing so, then at least have the decency to buy it from us. I can guarantee you we’ll get absolute top dollar!

The other good news is that my company laptop (you’re soaking in it now!) is finally able to connect to the internet here in the Fortress of Solitude. I had to cycle power on the modem before it would take an IP address. We need to connect it back to Loyal Reader Number One’s laptop in a few minutes and see if power has to be cycled again for him to connect again. Weirdness reigns.

In a tragic turn of events, I discovered some damage to my precious Honda’s body this evening after I got the gas tank filled. I don’t have any idea where it came from, but it has to be fixed. This isn’t exactly a good time for us to be paying an insurance deductible, but it will work out.

Short post tonight. See you tomorrow.

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