Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two trying out his new RC car the other day. Both Loyal Readers Number One and Number Two got RC cars. As a matter of fact, they’re outside enjoying them right now.

Speaking of driving, keep your fingers crossed on Monday for LRN1. He’s taking his driving test, along with a final or two at school. Busy day. Good luck, LRN1! We need you to start running errands for us.

Wonders of Blogger again today. I can’t even remember why I was too busy to blog last night, but I definitely was. It’s been busy today too. We finally took all the Christmas decorations down, which took hours. I went to Home Depot and Orchard Supply to find one of those shelves you hang from the garage ceiling. Finally found one at Orchard. They cost seventy bucks! What a ripoff. They’re worth twenty bucks as far as I’m concerned, so I didn’t buy one. Put the decorations back where they came from and called it a day.

It was quite windy yesterday and last night. Recycling day is Friday, so everybody put their stuff out. However, we all should have realized that they weren’t coming until Saturday because of the holiday on Monday. Hence, there was paper and plastic blowing all over the neighborhood by this morning.

The pool was chock full 0′ junk when we got up. The pump was running but it appeared that the vacuum wasn’t working. I went out to take a look and appearances were indeed correct. Turns out it had run over a newspaper, which was jamming it up. Then I noticed that the skimmer didn’t appear to be doing its job either, so I checked its basket and found three plastic bags, along with numerous leaves and pieces of paper. After I got everything cleaned out, the pool did a great job cleaning itself back up.

Otherwise, we’ve been watching Loyal Reader Number Twelve all day while her mom works on people’s taxes. And now I’m going to get to work on creating some new websites. See you tomorrow.

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