Dumpster view

Here’s the lovely view outside my hotel room window. Picture taken about five minutes ago.

Greetings from Lancaster! I made the trip in good time and am comfortably ensconced in my hotel room. See the link – there’s even complimentary on-site parking! This isn’t one of those cheapo hotels with off-site parking and shuttle buses running back and forth every thirty minutes. No siree.

The hotel opened in January and feels new and nice. There’s even an HDTV in my room. Four hundred channels and nothing’s on. But in high-def!

Tonight’s sushi dinner was pretty good. It’s not the best sushi place there is, but it’s pretty good.

Off to the Air Force base tomorrow morning. They’ve closed some of the more interesting places on the base, so I guess I’ll have to concentrate on my meeting. No horseback riding for me.

I’m going straight home from the meeting tomorrow night, so I’m likely to be pretty tired when I get home. Probably of bloggage is rated “dubious.”

Gotta read my book and get to bed. See you tomorrow. Or maybe Friday.

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