Egyptian statue

Here’s Liberace’s Egyptian statue. Additional comments are unnecessary. Part of my famous Statue series.

Well, another work week lurches to completion. Pretty good week, all things considered. Got a few things accomplished, left a few things out.

Loyal Reader Number Four cut the TV cable today, at least figuratively. No actual cords were cut in the making of this blog.

Anyway. We’re tied to the intertubes for our electronic entertainment now. Fortunately, LRN4 was able to negotiate a sweet deal on higher-speed internet for about the same price we were paying before for lower-speed service, and much lower than that lower-speed service was going to cost us without cable TV service to provide a package discount. We should be running at high speed sometime tomorrow. Woo hoo!

LRN4 is quite the negotiator. She should be in sales. Or maybe purchasing. I think I know what her job will be when Gardenville takes off.

Things are otherwise pretty normal. We’re heading out to Great America tomorrow morning and then I have the General Young Women Broadcast and Dinner to attend in the evening. Not much else is likely to happen, although the pond really needs to have its filter cleaned. It’s Spring Algae Bloom season big-time right now, and I need to give the fellas every advantage they can get. Maybe I’ll find a few minutes to get that done. Some of the cars are in desperate need of a wash and/or wax, but that’s simply not going to be possible. The following weekend promises to be busy too, but I think there’s a much better chance of getting washage done then.

Maybe I should be offering Loyal Reader Number Two a financial incentive to wash a car or two.

Let’s have a quick look at today’s food violence news: These hamburgers might kill you. I think that counts as food violence, don’t you?

Here’s an interesting website for my Loyal Readers who are searching for a name for their rock band and a title and artwork for their next album. Here’s my first effort:

What do my Loyal Readers think? Try one yourself. It’s fun!

I’m struggling to decide whether to keep saving for my English estate or to just buy this. There would be less travel, and I’m sure it’s a nice place. Plus, I’ve always wanted my own gift wrapping room. Still, the English place has its own cricket wicket, and that’s certainly worth something.

See you tomorrow.

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