Here’s a great Historic Recreational Vehicle. It was right across the street from us during our recent Dos Reis trip. Quite a piece of work, no? The people had Colorado license plates on their truck. Although I didn’t see the plate on the Holidaire, we can assume it also came from Colorado. I have no idea how it got here. It definitely needs to go up on the HRVA website. I didn’t speak with the owners for the Holidaire’s vital statistics. They were kind of odd. And kind of scary. Part of my famous Camping series.

Sleepy day today. I was up until about 1:00 this morning working on Larry. My stuff arrived via UPS sometime yesterday. I got the memory installed into Joe pretty quickly. It didn’t make him run any better, but it will definitely improve things once I get the machine’s instability resolved.

Larry was a little more difficult. I got the new drive installed with no problem, but everything I fixed seemed to mess up two other things. Two major problems surfaced – I loosened a couple of connectors up and lost my H.264 codec. The connectors were easy to fix, but the codec was quite hard. Took quite a bit of research and a bunch of trial and error. But it’s fixed.

As a special bonus, I discovered that the codec fix for Larry is exactly what I needed to fix Joe’s video problem. Well, one of them, anyway.

Anyway. Work was otherwise normal. My boss is expecting to be out next week. His father-in-law is dying, it appears. He and his wife both lost their mothers last year, so this is especially difficult for them.

Let’s have a look at today’s food violence news: While not exactly mano-a-mano violence, this still has a chilling effect on the entire snack food industry. When I think of what those snack cakes went through, I can’t help getting just a little emotional. They probably had no seat belts and airbags, to boot. Oh, the humanity! Or the snack-cakery. Or something.

I need sleep. See you tomorrow.

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