Here’s one of our cabin steward’s towel animal creations from our recent cruise. I believe this one was from our first night, and it’s pretty much the only one where we were absolutely certain what it was. Our steward wasn’t much of a towel folder. Part of my famous Statue series.

Had Youth Conference on Saturday and Sunday. They were LONG days full of very hard work, but very rewarding. I’m glad to have had Friday off to get my own things done, although a significant portion of that day was spent buying stuff for the Youth Conference dance.

Otherwise, nothing happened. Back to normal today. I have a pretty big fireside to plan and conduct this coming Sunday evening – feel like we’re pretty much just able to address the next thing on the calendar at this point. Not a good feeling. Don’t know how to improve it at this point, though, so we’ll just keep plodding along.

I’ll leave you with this exciting Loyal Reader employment opportunity: thieving baboon.

See you tomorrow.

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