TV watcher

Here’s some Great Art I took by accident. And it still turned out great – a little bit Arty for my taste, but Great for sure. LRN12 was over here the other day and watched a little TV. I was firmly ensconced in my recliner.

Off Friday today. Got the Suburban filled and washed (over a hundred bucks – yikes!), got the Honda washed, exercised at the gym, bought a new sport coat, a beautiful wool overcoat, a suit, and five beautiful ties, including a Jerry Garcia. Pretty cool, in a 60’s kind of way. Also bought all the food we need for tomorrow’s Youth Conference dance, of which I am in charge. Also borrowed a chocolate fountain, which the yoots will love, I predict.

Gorgeous day, by the way. It was in the upper 70’s and perfectly sunny. Couldn’t have been nicer. Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be beautiful also. Saturday is the first day of spring, which is very welcome as far as I’m concerned. I’m ready for the summertime, and spring is the first step towards summer, no?

Have to leave for Youth Conference at about 8:45 AM and I expect to get home at about 11:00 PM. Should be a long day. I expect it to be fun, but long. LRN2 and LRN4 are coming for dinner and the dance, which will be nice. It’s being held at the Oakland temple – the yoots are going over there for a while, and we’re doing all kinds of other activities for them. A lot of work has gone into it, and we’ll be glad when it’s over. Then on to the next activity. This Stake Young Men President thing is a lot of work! Much busier than the high council.

I expected to be speaking in church this Sunday too. When I went to confirm the details this morning, I discovered that the new schedule has a bye month for me this month. Last month was also a bye for me, so I haven’t spoken for a while. It turned out well today, though, as I’ll be so busy this weekend anyway. Next month I speak in my home ward, which will also be nice. For me, if not for them.

And I’m off to bed. I’ll leave you with this bit of relationship advice: not all surprises are welcome.

See you on Monday.

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