Endangered species

I really need to take some pictures of wintertime things. All these warm-weather pictures are getting depressing! I guess it’s better to get them out of the way now, though, rather than waiting until February when I’m really sick of cold weather. Right now, it’s still kind of charming to have a foot of snow on the ground. I promise, though: some cold pictures are coming. Anyway, I really like all the covered bridges around here.

As I was walking out to my car after work yesterday right around twilight, I saw and heard a few large groups of Canada geese flying by. They’re certainly beautiful birds, although quite a problem. I had always believed they were on the endangered species list for a long time, so I Googled them this afternoon. Come to find out, at least one subspecies was indeed considered endangered, but not anymore. They’ve been successfully restored. Apparently, the one that was endangered was native to the Aleutian islands. Many years ago, foxes were introduced onto their islands, and they took care of pretty much all the geese.

They’re certainly back with a vengeance, though. They overrun golf courses, farms, ponds, and pretty much every other piece of open ground. They leave huge amounts of excrement on the grass and foul the water. They get aggressive when they’re nesting. They just generally make a nuisance of themselves.

I think it’s time to expand the Canada goose hunting season. What does my reader think?

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