Indian Chief

I took this picture at the Mercer Museum on Tuesday evening, while the barbershop chorus was singing Christmas songs. It was wonderful, and the Mercer is one of the coolest little museums I have ever seen. It’s a fascinating concrete building that looks like a castle, and it’s packed full of everyday tools from early America. It’s right in downtown Doylestown, across the street from the Michener Museum (not my favorite, but worth a visit on a free day) and around the corner from both the public library (worst service in America – I’ll have to write a few words about it one day soon) and the Scout shop (small but nice, and very friendly people). I highly recommend a visit to the Mercer Museum.

Got back from Denver late last night; I pulled into the driveway shortly before 2:00 in the morning. It was raining hard. Fortunately, it warmed up a bunch during the day and was in the upper 40’s by the time I hit the road. There was lots of flooding, but no ice, for which I was grateful. I passed an SUV on its side on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, with stuff strewn all over the road. I hope the people inside it were buckled up and thus not strewn all over the road. It looked pretty bad, although certainly survivable for seat-buckled occupants.

The trip to Denver was pretty good, by the way. My meeting was over in half a day with very good results and I went to the temple on Wednesday evening and saw several people there I know. The weather was sunny and cold – kind of like it was in Gardenville. My hotel room was comfortable, the sushi was good, and the flights were comfortable. I got first-class upgrades in both directions, so I can’t complain. Except about the airline food. Yuck. First class doesn’t mean what it used to, I guess.

Apologies to my reader for missing a couple of days. I was busy.

Busy weekend ahead, too. See you Monday.

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